Oooh, it’s a jolly holiday with Mary!

The title? Not sure. It’s my favorite Mary Poppins song and it somehow weasels it’s way into my mind a couple of times a month.
Today. Wind. Why? Today has been quite a gusty day. You know, the one day I decide to wear a little mascara out into the world. Of COURSE it’s windy and debris piles into my eyeballs. Of course.

This past weekend I picked up some brilliant books at a yard sale. One is a book ALL about needle work. It’s so informative, I’m sure I’ll be cracking it open constantly. The 2nd is my favorite, though. It’s a compltely 70’s styled “Things to Make for Children” book. 167 things, to be exact. My favorite favorite part is the photos. I love the 70’s prints and little 70’s children in their little 70’s attire. SO cute.
Look at all the crazy 70’s wallpaper & carpet! Glorious!
Who says you can only have a blue & yellow gender neutral room for your kiddos? I will opt for rainbows if/when I have little Aileen-pup’s.

Flower Child? Oops.. wrong decade!
I don’t know why, but when I saw this ladder-tent idea, I was so impressed. It’s such a simple and genius idea all at the same time!

Now how many of you can claim to have a book with instructions on creating a Miniature Gold Course? That’s what I thought!


And then there’s the adorable 70’s child models!

This girl is my absolute favorite. Please let any little girl spawn of mine look exactly like this chic little girl. She definitely would not have gotten it from me or the boyfriend… hm…

I hope the 70’s flashback (or.. not if you’re a youngin’ like me!) was well enjoyed. I was giddy the whole time I was flipping through that little treasure. $1 well spent!
Today while I watched a movie made after some Nicholas Sparks book that I can’t recall, I clipped away at some felt scraps. Here’s some of a current piece I’m working on. If you can guess what it is, you deserve a cyber high-five! Contact me to redeem that!

Good night! And maybe watch Mary Poppins, it always puts me in an oddly happy mood!

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