Being sick is…

…definitely NOT on my to-do list! I started feeling like I was getting sick on Wednesday and sure enough here I am… sick. Of course this happens the week school starts and the week my boss tells me I’m going to have more hours at work! I got through the week without calling in sick to work or school, though so I can’t say it’s been too horrible.

I watched Sunshine Cleaning this week, before I got sick. I actually quite liked it! If you have Netflix, you can watch it online – do it! 🙂 I’ve been on an Amy Adams kick lately and also watched Julie & Julia. Pretty good as well!

SunshineCleaningPoster   Julie_and_julia 

I had all these great plans to craft this weekend in between getting homework done. Now, I believe I’ll be pet/house sitting for a friend’s family. I love their pups, so it’s ok. Maybe I’ll just focus on homework this weekend and maybe see what easy/portable crafts I can stash in my overnight bag. Then again, they’re less than 10 miles from my house so I guess I could just come home and craft for a few hours. We’ll see how it works out! Maybe I’ll just veg the whole time, napping away my cold & watching movies all weekend. That sounds delightful!

Ta-ta for now!

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