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A couple of weeks ago, probably a day or two after New Years my boyfriend, sister, dad & I went to Auntie Em’s Kitchen for lunch & cupcakes! Sadly my mom was in Vegas, so she didn’t get to join us, but she’s not one for sweets so I guess it’s ok. Let me just say that little place is amazing! I had an egg salad sandwich (I’m very picky about the egg to mayo ratio) and it was THE BEST. Not to mention quite large. Then we had CUPCAKES. Of course we had to try their Red Velvet. Now, I’ve always been a Sprinkles gal and while I still love them, I think Auntie Em’s got them beat! These cupcakes were SO good and SO moist and they weren’t so rich that it kind of made you sick afterward, like what happens to me with Sprinkles.
They were SO yum yum yum!



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