Today we spent the day moving storage units to a smaller one! Getting rid of “stuff” is a goal of ours. We went from a 10×15 to a 10×5 and now a 5×5. But let me just say, when they say 5×5 they meant maybe 3.5×4. I sat on the floor with my legs out and my back against the wall and my feet were about 6″ from the wall. I’m pretty sure my bottom half isn’t almost 5 feet! Crazy! Anyway, we fit everything in and now our goal is to have a yard sale in a few weeks! I LOVE yard sales!!

Then we went on an amazing hike… and found out how amazingly out of shape I am! We brought 2 of the pups with us, Roxy & Einstein and got lost a few times because there were trails all over the place. About an hour and a half later, we made our way back to the car exhausted, but excited to keep this tradition going each weekend!

Horrible cell phone photos:

1.30.10 - hike long canyon3

1.30.10 - hike long canyon4

1.30.10 - hike long canyon2

1.30.10 - hike long canyon

Reminders for next time:

-bring a bowl for the dogs (I love them, but using my hand as a water bowl was not the best part of my day)

-bring camera so I don’t have to rely on horrible quality cell phone photos

I can’t wait to get some new hiking boots. I told myself I needed to wait until we did it at least 4 more times before I could reward myself with those, though.

Working on some orders tonight & tomorrow hoping to get to do a little sewing for fun. We’ll see how that goes!

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