Fabric, fabric, fabric!

Hi my name is Aileen and I’m an addict.

No seriously, I have an addiction to fabric. Look at all those pretty fabrics! None of them are mine, but if I saw them, they would be. Seriously, I’ve banned myself from buying any more fabric. I have this problem. I buy all these fabrics and then I don’t want to use them! I’m one of the more indecisive people you’ll meet sometimes. When it comes time to create something, I stare at my fabric stash not wanting to use any of them for fear of not being able to find that fabric again and finding the perfect project for it! It’s ridiculous! So now, I’ve banned myself from buying fabric until I’ve made at least 10 projects with my existing stash. It’s time to get over my weird paranoia of using my fabric stash and jump in! Now my fear if heights… thta’s a different story.

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