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A piano. A car.

So this weekend was eventful in the category of “big” purchases. We picked up these two beauties.

Ok – I’ll admit the car is really dirty. It had been sitting under a tree, unwashed for a while.

But basically they were both AMAZING DEALS. We bought the car for what the piano should’ve cost and we bought the paino for… less than my favorite lunch special at the Thai place by my work. LOL. Both need work. They’re both going to be about $400 to fix up, but so worth it. Blaine is fixing up the car in the next few weeks and… the piano gets to be a centerpiece for now. It just needs a few keys fixed and to be tuned.

I was so excited, I had to share! My dad thinks the piano is an eyesore. I LOVE it and can’t wait to fix it and learn to play one day!

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