“It’s like a heatwave burning in my heart…”

It’s so hot. All the time. I think it’s probably annoying to other people when I type multiple short, improper sentences like that. Sorry. But for reals, this heat wave is killing me. I may just be making excuses, but I blame it for me not getting anything done lately. My plan to list an item everyday in my etsy shop? Nope. Didn’t happen. I’m going to list several a couple of days in a row to catch up, but I’m still a little sad I wasn’t able to stick to it. There were a couple of days there when I didn’t really even come online at all, which is very odd for me. I’m like an internet addict. I’m on it EVERYDAY… usually.

Today I had to work. I’m not a fan of going to work on Saturday while everyone is at home! I feel like I’m missing out even if everyone’s just sitting around. Anyway – I work part time for a modeling/acting school and I had to work their graduation today. So I was there from 8am – almost 6pm. SO tiring. Especially since for some reason DURING the graduation, when we were in the theater there was no A/C. Disgusting. I stuck near the back doors so I could get some sort of air. I feel bad for everyone sweating in there, putting smiles on their faces for their kids!

I spent the day making these fake diplomas for them to hand out…

Yep. It was fun though. I liked the tulle ribbon I was using. It was so pretty when they were tied up.

And this was my outfit today… while it was about 100 degrees outside. Almost all black. Ew. (Excuse the horrrrrrrible quality.) But I did need to look fashionable/nice since it was the graduation at a modeling/acting school. Let’s just say it was HOT in the leggings and boots.

We’re thinking of hitting the 11pm showing of Inception tonight. I’ve heard good things so far. Not sure if I can handle an 11pm movie when I was up at 6am, though. We’ll see. I doubt I’ll fall asleep. I’ll just get REALLY tired. Maybe I’ll hit starbucks before we leave, if it’s open. Hmmm…

In other news I signed up for Home Ec! I know how to sew, for the most part. But I did teach myself, so I’m sure there’s a TON I don’t know. I’m not 100% confident and I don’t know how to do things like button holes, etc. I have so many pieces I want to alter, but I’ve been afraid I’ll ruin them so I’m hoping this class will give me the confidence to do so. I do have my business sewing pet cage liners, but those are pretty much just straight lines so it’s no biggie. Plus, I’m really excited to get to know the other craft students! I don’t have ANY real-life crafty friends, so it’ll be nice to find people I have that in common with! I have so many ideas that I will hopefully be able to bring to life with confidence that I won’t screw up! Haha. I’m way too excited 🙂 I’m going to LOVE this fall. I’m on break from “real” school since I don’t transfer to my university until Spring 2011, so I’m taking a Graphic Design & a Web Design class, too. I’m self taught in those aspects, too. So it’s going to be a semester of FUN classes, learning how to do things that I already love to do! I’m psyched!

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