Weakness Wednesday: Greek Yogurt + Honey

Sooooo good. But yeah… totally didn’t now that’s what you’re supposed to do with that little side compartment. I spoon out a little honey, then dip in the yogurt and enjoy. I think I like my way better, but I may try that whole weird pouring deal. Either way, it’s so yummy. I had two yesterday. One today. But the day’s not over yet, haha.

One thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE about greek yogurt is that there’s a ton of protein in it. Since I don’t eat meat and I really don’t like nuts, I don’t really get much. One of these cups has 10g of protein!

What’s the difference (taste-wise) between greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt? Honestly I don’t know if they taste THAT much different. When I used to eat regular yogurt, I’d always get the fruit flavored kind and I always get plain greek yogurt. But for some reason the watery-ness (yes, I just said that…) of regular yogurt makes me get sick of it quickly. Greek yogurt is a lot thicker and I feel like it’s also a lot more filling.

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