Smell like him.

First I wanted to say I’m wearing Blaine’s deodorant today and I love it because every once in a while I’ll get a whiff of it and think of him. Weird, I know. But I love it. & him.

We just decided on Big Bear for our 4 year anniversary this October! We’re renting a little cabin, bringing one of our 4 dogs (Roxy, our old lady) and spending our days in nature and the nights cuddled up by the fireplace. I’m so excited! We were just there to camp back in May, but I’m sooo excited to go back. Just the 2 of us! I’m hoping I’ll have a new functional camera by then. Otherwise I’ll have to make it work with my 4 year old camera.

p.s. I have a cold and feel like poop. Trying to decide on if i’m going to class today or not. I have tests in a different class over the next 3 days so maybe I’ll just stay home and rest/study in bed.

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