Life has been a little busy lately. School is TOUGH. Next time I try to take 5 hard courses, remind me not to. TOO much. Especially my Intermediate Microeconomics class. To be honest, I think it’s the teacher. When I read the book it makes more sense than when the teacher teaches. He likes to put a question on the board to work on and then go “I know this isn’t part of it, but I want you to do it anyway” and it’s always over our heads. I’m not ever one to blame teachers, but he’s just not good at teaching. Not every retired person from the field makes a good teacher.

THEN I got a job! Yay! The only problem is it’s every weekend. It’s supposed to be 8:30 – 5, but this last weekend I left at 6 and 6:45. Oh well. It’s decent money, the job is fun (but stressful) and I like the people I work with (most of them).

We found an adorable little creature in our house yesterday (is it weird that I don’t really care that much while other people freak out?) and I’m releasing him today. He’s veeery cute. Here’s a crappy cell phone photo of him:

SO cute! We named him Baked Bean, lol.

Anyway – shortest, most to the point post ever, but I have to eat breakfast, shower, do calculus homework and leave for school. Fun fun!

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