We’re here!

Moving has been an adventure. The day we moved in, my dad had to call Blaine and my sister, who were trailing behind, to tell them to pick up a SNOW SHOVEL. Whaaat? A snow shovel? We knew it had snowed the day before, but I didn’t think it would have still been on the ground when we moved in at 3pm the next day.

It’s been an adventure and I’m finally settling down from it to get life back in order. I quit my job to move here with my dad and sister. My sister will be moving to Kentucky in a few weeks to be with her husband who is in the Army. My mom is living back in LA until she finds a job here. My Blaine is living at his parents house for about a year because he just got a promotion he has been waiting for for 2 years. So soon it’ll just be me and pops. And all the dogs. And the cats. And the rats. It’s beautiful here. You’ll see.

Now that I live exactly where I want, I will begin building my dream life. You’ll see.

Some photos from moving day:

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