I miss…

My Bangs… ok they’re not totally gone, they’re lingering there and they just the perfect length to be not bangs and not regular hair. Is it weird that I want them again, but I’m afraid to do it because I’m getting married in 7 months and what if somehow it looks horrible on my wedding day? I think that’s pretty ridiculous.

My sisters veggie sushi. She seriously made it several times a week for a few months. Now, nothin’ and she’s moving away in two weeks. Boo. (Yes – Lawren, Blaine & I pretty much that entire plate in one sitting. So good. Don’t judge!)
My old room. My old house in general, really. It’s been a month and it still feels so weird. I remember looking in from the front doorway one last time before I shut the door and remembering that it felt like I would be back in a few days. I still tear up thinking about it. I cried for a good ten minutes on the way to the new house. I know it was just a house, but it was OUR house. It was our home for over 10 years. So many good memories there.

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