Stuff on Stuff

While perusing different websites to set up my wedding registry on, I started thinking about STUFF. Literally stuff, not the generic term implying I was thinking in general. In the past I’ve always wanted stuff, I love buying stuff, having stuff, getting stuff as gifts. But as I’ve aged and seen all the “stuff” my parents, Blaines parents, and everyone in their generation has accumulated and now has to deal with – I’m over it.

Sure, we’ll take a 10 pc kitchen set, some silverware, a toaster, etc. But do I really need a quesadilla maker or a griddle? No. That’s what the stove and a pan is for. I’ve always had a lot of clutter because I love having things that are my own. But I’ve taught myself over the years to get over it and stop trying to hold on to things. Sure, it’s ok to be sentimental about some things that really are important, but I can’t keep every gift that was ever given to me. I’ll end up on Hoarders.

Blaine and I are planning to buy a house in the next year and I’ve been planning every inch of it even though we haven’t picked one out yet so there is no way of knowing the layout. I want a cozy home with soft lighting, comfy couches and giant rugs that feel like home. I want a big bed with crisp sheets and a fluffy comforter to burrow under. But who doesn’t? I plan on creating on this cozy homey home and in the meantime I’ll be getting rid of clutter and the need to accumulate clutter.

My home will feel like home. My home will be inviting, easy and dripping with coziness.

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