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I love food.

My love for food is probably obvious by the fact that I’m trying to lose weight, HA. (Five pounds down, 20 more to go!) But in the last few years, mostly since becoming a vegetarian, I’ve come to really pay attention to food more. My fast food consumption is down to almost nothing (though In N Out still holds my heart) and I try really hard to find good recipes with wholesome ingredients. That said, there’s nothing that can keep me away from big bowl of good ol’ spaghetti. I made a variation of Baked Spaghetti & Mozzarella that I found on Pinterest (my new obsession). I was trying to work with what we had to make dinner for my dad and I tonight. We always have an almost full fridge and overflowing cabinets yet there’s “nothing to eat” as my sister always complained before she moved out.

I used a box of Ronzoni Tricolor Spaghetti, Jar of Ragu Garden Sauce, added a chopped tomato & mushrooms and the last half of a log of fresh mozzarella. I’m really not a cheese person, but mozzarella is delicious. Then I microwaved some green beans and toasted some Basil bread we got from a local bakery last week. SO good. Definitely enough left overs for 3-4 more servings. I’m hoping I forget about it or my dad who eats like a bird mysteriously scarfs it all down so I don’t have the option to eat it tomorrow. I almost NEVER stuff myself past full, but for some reason I always do when it comes to Spaghetti. It’s. So. Good.

4.13.11 Baked Mozzarella Spaghetti 2

4.13.11 Baked Mozzarella Spaghetti 3

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