My Hair.

Hair from this past New Years. Grainy Photo. Someone needs a new camera.

Is it totally weird that one of my most treasured features is my hair yet I’ll cut it myself at a moments notice with no rhyme or reason? I decided I needed a trim today. So I did it. In about 15 minutes. It takes 30-45 minutes at the hair salon, but I did it myself in 15 minutes. Maybe it’s because it’s long and so it’s harder to see the imperfections from my mindless hacking away? I probably cut a good 3 inches off. I also always go around and cut up into it so there is some variation of length by several millimeters so it doesn’t look freshly cut and straight across. I hate that.

Now the day I chop my hair of I might regret my ease of decision making to trim it myself. I always consider chopping it off, especially when it gets hot. But I don’t think I ever will.

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