I have a well loved pair of Toms that I got from a friend for Christmas in 2009. I had to stop wearing them several months ago because I wore them out. So sad. Since then I lived in my Uggs, heels and flip flops. But I really do need some real shoes. My new blogger friend Kat’s post reminded me how much I miss them! Now if I could only choose…

At least since I’d rather buy a Vegan pair that limits my choices or else I would be completely overwhelmed with choices!

The plain black ones would be safe. I LOVE the Elephants, but don’t know if I want white Toms. My friend Kim painted some white ones and gave them to me and they didn’t fit so I gave them to my sister. They got dirty pretty fast. The purpleish ones are pretty cute too. But I’m leaning towards the last pair. I’m indecisive, can you tell? ♥

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