We got a house! We BOUGHT a house!

Our New House! 

We are SO excited. We made an offer on Sunday and got news Monday morning that it’s ours! Now we just have to wait for escrow aka the longest 60 days ever and then we can get to work on it! It’s definitely a fixer, but it’s mostly cosmetic and I’m so excited.

Kitchen with New Cabinets

The Kitchen has brand new cabinets and counter tops which I’m so excited about. I hate nothing more than ugly oak cabinets (no offense to anyone with oak cabinets!) that I would end up painting ASAP. These look pretty good and we’ll see how they look once we put new flooring in and paint the walls something that’s NOT bright red. We’re hoping for stainless steel appliances since there are none (the dishwasher in the photo is missing too).

Upstairs Bathroom

One thing we won’t have to really do much with is the bathrooms. They’re pretty new looking and just need a few things, like this one needs a mirror. I don’t remember if there’s flooring or not, but if not we’ll just use the same dark wood we’re getting for the whole house.

Fireplace in Living Room

The living room has this brick fireplace I’m excited about. I’m thinking we’ll add a big mantel and paint it, but we’ll see. I kind of like the brick, but if makes the whole room feel outdated we’ll end up painting. We’re (hopefully) putting dark wood floors in this room.

Wood Burning Stove in Great/Family Room

This room is HUGE and Blaine has started calling it the Great Room. It’s a converted garage with a wood burning stove that will come in handy during the winter. We’re thinking of experimenting with the floors in here and trying to do a cool painted concrete to save on flooring since we’ve already got to put flooring in 1500 sq feet of the house, we’re hoping we can leave this 500ish sq ft and paint it to save some money.

There were SO many pictures on Realtor.com but within hours of our offer being accepted the listing was down! I wish I had saved them all, but at least I have these and we’ll definitely be taking lots of before photos before we get to work. It’s going to be A LOT of work, but it’s going to be SO fun because we get to pick everything out ourselves. Eee! I’m so excited. This is going to be the longest 60 days of my life. I’ll probably start collecting pieces for the house immediately. I’ve pretty much got the color scheme figured out. I’m guessing we’ll need like 20 gallons of paint to paint the whole house. None of the colors are really doing it for me and the person who painted the house wasn’t very good at it.

Let the planning begin! Between buying a new house and our wedding in October, this is going to be an amazing year… and we’re going to be broke at the end of it. For good reason.

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