8 Weeks to a Better Me: Week 3 – Healthy Eating

I’m not going to lie, last week I was completely off track. I didn’t go on even ONE walk, I didn’t go to the gym that I’ve never been to and I only stretched twice (which is two more than usual). I’m going to keep on with the stretching and try to take a few walks this week. You see, I feel like I need to bring some of the dogs with me when I go on walks because well, I am a horrible dog owner and never walk them. I was good about it for a while, but over that week I was good about it I ran into several off-leash dogs and that freaks me out so much. You never know what will happen when another dog approaches yours and it’s even scarier when the other dogs owner isn’t paying the least bit of attention (pet peeve!). I’m thinking about just walking with a small walking stick, does that sound insane? You know – just in case a fight breaks out and I don’t want to lose an arm.

Week Three: Healthy Eating

Anyway onto Week 3 – Healthy Eating! I am soo excited for this week. Compared to a couple of years ago I eat sooo healthy. When I started out as a Vegetarian, I ate pasta and bread and just junk all the time. Now I am so much better, though I’ve been falling into old habits lately so this week has come just in time!

 Three Goals

1. Drink THREE bottles of water a day – Blaine got me this 24 oz water bottle for our anniversary last year (I think?) and I already drink a ton of water, but I usually only get through two refills.

2. Eat at least TWO salads this week. I am a Vegetarian, but I am NOT a huge fan of salads. I’m going to look up some interesting recipes and give them a try this week.

3. Eat at least FIVE servings of fruits and veggies everyday. I am pretty decent about eating my produce, but I don’t usually eat enough of it. This is my week to turn that around!

Now – I just need to do a little recipe searching and go grocery shopping tomorrow. I’ll be stocking up on ingredients for my salads and some extra fruits and veggies for snacking and other meals. I live in a small agricultural town and there’s a few farmer’s markets open each weekend and I mean to stop by today! Oh well — I’ll at least grab my fruit from the guys who sell fresh produce from their cars on the side of the road. SO much more fresh than from the store. 😉

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  1. hiii first let me say your blog is adorable…love your idea for 8 weeks to a better you.. i def could use some motivation, these days lol.. i have a little toddler who pretty much runs my life these days! wouldn’t have it any other way though! i see your getting married, how incrediably exciting! good luck to you and your lovey<3 if you ever wanna chit chat you can find me here:http://mommaofamiracle.blogspot.com/.. would love to hear how your wedding plans are going!!*

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