8 Weeks to a Better Me: Week 4 – Loving Yourself

I have to say, I did amazingly on last week goals. Seriously, though. I ate way¬† more than 3 salads (maybe 6 or 7?), I definitely drank all my water each day and I ate all my servings of fruit everyday but one when I was just a serving short. I can proudly say I am SO glad I am doing this. I began last week HATING salad and now I have one almost everyday. I’ve dropped a couple of pounds and I just feel better about my eating in general. On to week four – the halfway point!

Week Four: Loving Yourself
I feel like I have improved leaps and bounds on loving myself. I used to be much more insecure and just very harsh on myself in the past. But I could still use some self love, who doesn’t need that? Most of these are about loving myself physically. I can honestly say I am pretty happy with myself in most other aspects and I am lucky to be able to say that. I’m not saying I have an ego and think I’m this amazing person, but I am happy with inner self.

Three Goals

1. Clean Out My Closet – I have a lot of clothes. I probably wear about 50% of those clothes, if not less. There are a lot of items that I’m holding onto because they’re cute, even if they aren’t flattering on me. Or because “one day this will fit” even though every time I put it on I feel a little horrible about it. So I’m going to fill up my box of stuff to sell at a yard sale a little bit more this week. Go through my closet and get rid of the items that make me feel not-so-great.

2. Get Dressed EVERYDAY – I don’t have a day job right now so it’s so easy to just sit around in my sweatpants all day, everyday. I find that not only am I more productive when I take the time to get ready, but I feel so much better about myself in even a pair of jeans vs some frumpy sweatpants. Even if they are the comfiest things in the world.

3. Pack Cute Clothes – On Friday morning we’re leaving for a long weekend to go to my coupons wedding (which I am in!) and I’m going to steer clear (again) of the sweatpants and boring clothes and only bring cute, flattering outfits. Taking the time to try to look good really boosts my self esteem.

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