Happy Weekend!

happy weekend!

How cute are my nails right now? And LONG. I am a total nail biter, but I recently discovered that if I take the time to do my nails I won’t bite them! I did plain red on Wednesday night, but it was too boring for me so on Thursday I added white polka dots. Love them. Also – I had no idea a base coat helped chipping as much as it really does. I went almost an entire week last week with no chipping. Amazing.

It’s a nice cool day today, so far. There’s an amazing breeze, but I can tell it’s going to be relatively warm out so I broke out one of my old denim skirts from high school. These are still in, right? haha. No really, probably not. But I still love them.

This weekend my dad is out of town and Blaine will be here in about 5 1/2 hours and we’re going to head to Bakersfield to go to the fabric store and maybe hit a few other stores. Less than a month until we close on the house (if all goes well) and less than 6 months until Blaine and I are married and he can start looking for a job up here. Poor guy drives up here EVERY weekend on Saturday afternoon after work and leaves Sunday at around 11pm to go home and sleep. He gets home around 1am and then gets up at 6am to go to work. Now that’s love/dedication.

Now my belated Friday Weekend Link Love (blogger was down when I was trying to post it!):

This dresser revamp over at Vintage Revivals is awesome. Seriously, how does she come up with this stuff?

I love ginger ale… and strawberries so this combo of the two seriously looks so refreshing.

Another revamp I am in love with — this bookshelf. I’m so excited to try this on a cheap yard-saled bookshelf once we’re ready to start furnishing the new house.

I got Blaine to watch Glee. He kind of loves it and everyone kind of teases him. But Miss Pillsbury on the show always has these adorable things clipped on her sweater and I asked Blaine if he thought that was a real thing or if the show made it up… and how they were adorable and I wanted them (he disagreed and it makes him think of old ladies). Well good ol’ Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid posted a tutorial on them and I am SO excited to do this in the future!

Orzo with Raw Broccoli and Kale Pesto. Looks so yummy. 

I found these shoes in pink, at Target, on clearance — for $4.98! But in a tiny size 6. Unfortunately they’re still $20 on the Target site, I can’t find them in pink, and I have flat feet so I’m pretty sure they won’t work on me. But they’re SO cute. 

I am still drooooling over these shoes and kind of wish I kept this color in my wedding colors just for these shoes. And then I remember that I’m getting married outside, at a campground so they may lead to me falling on my face. I guess that could also lead to some hilarious pictures. See, I’m not a bridezilla? I’m so down for some funny accidental wedding photos that I can laugh at later… probably much later.

Now I’m off to doing some cleaning and other things I’ve been procrastinating about before Blaine gets here. Toodleoo!

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