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The weekend is here, the weekend is here! Ok well it’s Friday. I may not have much of a right to love weekends since I don’t currently work (outside the home) or go to school, but it’s when Blaine visits so it’s good times. This weekend we’re hoping (cross your fingers) that we can make an appointment for some flooring people to give us an estimate on flooring for the house. We need it as part of the special “fixer upper” loan we’re getting before we can close. I WISH we had the available funds to put hard wood throughout, but when you’re buying a house and having a wedding all in the same year, $5 a square foot flooring for our almost 2000 sq foot house is not going to happen. But it’s OK with me! I’m just so happy we’ll have it soon. I’ll probably update more on this next week.

How To Steal Like An Artist is amazing. It’s very long and I don’t have much patience, but it held my focus through to the end!

Though I definitely don’t consider myself a thrift store novice, these 5 Tips for Successful Thrift Store Shopping was a fun little informational read.

This idea is GENIUS. I may need to make it for myself. Blaine and I have vowed to use cloth vs. disposable papers towels when we get our house.

I never like salads (except Olive Gardens…), but this post was quite an inspiration to get me eating them this week! I’ll be posting a salad feature soon.

The jewelry here is just great and the pieces are so affordable that I may actually buy a few. Some of my favorites are this, this and this.

I never make the bed and it drives Blaine a little crazy because my blankets are all over the place. He makes it before we get in bed. This post on how to make the perfect bed might help me in the future. If I can make my bed look that cozy and inviting, I might actually put forth the effort!

This tumblr is amazing. It’s simply about appreciating the little things.

That’s all this time. I have WAY too many recipes I wanted to share so I may do an individual post on that later next week.

Happy Weekend! ***

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