Weekend Link Love

Weekend Link Love

This article at USA Today about how kids used to play outside all day is awesome. 24 years old isn’t quite a “kid” anymore, but I definitely need to play outside more.

I do my best to be “green” and I love this article. It helps us go back to focusing on what it really means to be green and how to do it sanely in a world where people are so caught up in all these new “green” products and gadgets.

Umm… ok I know this is a bit late, but did you know there’s an Official YOUTUBE Channel for the British Monarchy? Well there is and it allowed me to watch the highlights from the Royal Wedding since I, for some reason, though it would be on that night. I was wrong and woke up to all sorts of footage. Oops.

ohdeardrea’s Diet Water post with a breakdown of Organic/Vegan staples + prices = love. So helpful.

Little Miss Momma’s Life List – on my To Do/To Blog list.

A few of the lovely (and reasonably priced) posters at A Vintage Poster may be making their way onto the walls of our new house. If escrow ever endssss!

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