Life Lately

  1. Enjoying my nook and the cool afternoon (after a HOT day) while Blaine details his car.
  2. My little Rav packed with cat traps to trap, fix and release the feral cats at my grandmas. Six kittens are now at a rescue waiting for new homes and 5 adults are fixed. No more homeless kitties!
  3. One of the kittens we caught. She was fiesty and had bright blue eyes.
  4. Summer Solice – Subraru event in Santa Barbara with Blaine. We had an amazing time at the event and after the event walking around SB.
  5. Oops! We accidentally caught a baby skunk in one of our traps. He was seriously adorable and much friendlier than any of the cats we caught.
  6. Taking lots of walks now! Love the scenery in our new neighborhood. I still call it new even though we’ve been here since February.
  7. Tiny little piggy at the petting zoo on the 4th of July. Poor guy was so hot he was trying to lay in the water bowl!
  8. Car full of pups – took them down to Blaine’s parents house while I was there for a week working on trapping those cats.
  9. Mini Horse near my house! He (she?) ran up to say hello when Blaine and I walked by. Such a sweetheart!

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