Weekend Link Love

Blaine and I are heading to Lake Naci with friends this weekend. We were originally supposed to go to Kelly’s Beach in Fresno so we could float down the river. We did it a couple of years ago and it was SO much fun, even though it was hot, took like 7 hours and *some* people wouldn’t help paddle. Oh and Blaine’s boat popped so he was slowly sinking for the last couple of hours and it finally gave in to his weight about a quarter mile from the end of the float. Lucky guy. Then we found out Kelly’s Beach was flooded, so they switched plans to hanging on a friends boat at Lake Naci. Not really my thing, to be quite honest. But after a few days of thinking it over, WE NEED A VACATION! Also, I don’t think I’ve seen these friends since we moved here so I can deal with the sitting on a boat all day in order to see friends from back home. I’m super excited about camping and just being with friends all weekend. Tomorrow I need to get everything ready and go pick up some veggie and camp friendly foods for the weekend. I would be just fine with basically fruit all weekend, but since Blaine will be there I’ll need to think of some more creative food since he’s not huge on fruit.

A great post by Kyla Roma on Creating a Blog that Reflects Who You Are. Great read for any level blogger.

Um.. hand printed gift wrap? Yes please. Only problem is, I think I’m the only person I know who would appreciate that. Good to keep in mind for when I’m wrapping a present for myself ;)

The wooden sunglasses over at Tumbleweeds are UH-mazing. I’m super tempted to a his and hers pair for Blaine and I. It might just happen in the near future.

This dress over at Forever 21 is so so cute. I came across it while looking for bridesmaid dresses I really want to buy it, but I have a hard time buying dresses online because most dresses are way too short on me.

Yet another blog post on blogging… Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet posted about avoiding “Blog-petition“. I love this post because although I have virtually no readers (but I love those of you who do read!), I still find myself comparing to other more “successful” blogs.

I may have posted this before, but I LOVE this fireplace makeover. My favorite is the thick new wooden mantle. LOVE. I’m 99% sure we’ll be doing that at our new house, if we ever close. Three months, four days and counting. Will it ever end?

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