Weekend Link Love

I’m super excited for this weekend because not only is Blaine coming, but so is my momma! My mom doesn’t get to come out here as much as she’d like and I’m crossing my fingers she can find a job out here soon so we can all be together. My goal is for everyone to be together by the end of the year. Blaine will get a new job and we can move into our new house (should be another two weeks) and my mom will get a new job and finally move into the house my dad and I have been in since February!

I am IN LOVE with farm/reclaimed wood dining tables like the ones at Pottery Barn and I really want one for the house, but so not willing to pay $1000+ for it so these DIY versions are totally rocking my world: one, two, three, four.

DailyMile.com is my new favorite! I’ve been walking for the last week and hope to keep on going and I can use it to track my walks. It tracks your weekly total, yearly total, overall total, etc. It even lets you track how many donuts you’ve burned off! I’ve walked 7 miles and burned off 4 donuts by the way.

This is beautifully written about aging and embracing it. I totally feel this way and hope to keep my mind in the right place as I age.

A list of Clutter Busting Routines by Becoming Minimalist. I love. Blaine and I are in love with the idea of not having a lot of STUFF. We have both always had a lot of stuff and if you saw my room right now you would laugh at the though of me being a minimalist, but you just wait and see.

This might be one of the most hilarious videos ever. I love this dog, seriously. The best part is when he/she is just staring right at the camera. Too good.

And finally this is not a link, but it definitely made my day:

Have a Happy Weekend!

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