Bridezilla… except hopefully not.

Bridesmaid Choice #1: Ananya on etsy

I finally sent my bridesmaids a list of five dresses that they could discuss and pick one of to wear to the wedding. Then the one they all picked was the one that was going to take like two months to make. Panic. They could pay $30 extra to get it rushed and they would get them about a month before the wedding. If they didn’t rush them, it would be about a week before the wedding. Way too close of a call, if you ask me.

Bridesmaid Choice #2: Lulus

Trust me, I’m not that picky. I gave them six dresses to choose from, remember? They were supposed to buy them by today and I do not want to be a bridezilla and ask them/remind them in order to ease my mind. I feel like it’s pushy. Is it pushy? I don’t THINK it’s pushy, but I don’t want to piss people off. It’s just a wedding. Well – it’s my wedding. But It’s going to be amazing even if… one bridesmaid has to *shudder* wear a different dress. Or even if someone gave me a really frilly froofy item to use as part of my wedding. Eek. I will surround it with vintage, naturey goodness to hide it’s blinding white satin and lace.

Bridesmaid Choice #3: Anthropologie

As the days draw closer I remember everything I still have to do… which is pretty much everything. You know what’s much easier? Making a list of what I’ve done:

Picked out bridesmaid dresses
Picked out location
Hired Photographer
Designed & Mailed Save the Dates
(FINALLY – over the weekend) Designed & ordered invitations

Yep. That’s pretty much it. OH and I have the fabric for the 100 cloth napkins I decided I wanted to sew. WHAT. I was kind of hoping Blaine’s mom would offer. She doesn’t read this does she? I’ll get it done… possibly.

Bridesmaid Choice #4: Modcloth

Less than three months until the big day. I posted on facebook that I didn’t have a dress yet. People were shocked and appalled and concerned. Now I’m shocked and appalled and concerned. Thanks guys.

Bridesmaid Choice #5: Shop Joielle

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