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The House Tour

The house tour that will hopefully make us look extremely talented at house flipping when we’re done with it. It’s that bad. But the funny thing is, it just LOOKS that bad… I think.Well we WANTED a fixer and we sure got it! As of the time of the photos all we had done (as you will see) is test paint colors. We may have spent over an hour in the paint department at Home Depot doing what we do best… being indecisive. I think it’s safe to say that when several people at Home Depot start to recognize you and ask you specific questions about your projects… you’ve officially spent way too much time there.

Be forewarned, there are a lot of pictures.


2 Comments on “The House Tour

  1. I know this is an old entry, but I just had to comment. :) We bought a major fixer upper in 2011 as well and it’s been an adventure for sure. We also filled in a billion holes in the walls, I swear the previous owners tacked up every little thing imaginable. You have a lovely plot of land and the view/hills are amazing!! (Also liked some of the updates you’ve done from reading other entries!)

    1. Fixers are fun, but definitely work! We’re looking into buying another house in a few years and unless it’s the perfect house/deal, I’m not sure we’ll do a fixer. Depends on where we are in life at that time. And seriously with the holes! Like 25 on ONE wall, what do they people put on their walls?

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