Weekend Recap

Between thunderstorms, fires and working on the house some more this weekend was a good one.

Friday night there was a loud loud thunderstorm that woke us up around 2:30am. It thundered off and on all night so we got about 2 hours of sleep, mostly because the dogs sleep in crates in my bedroom and Einstein is afraid of pretty much everything. Around 6am we gave up and went outside to watch the lightning.

That morning we said bye to my dad who is leaving to accompany my mom on a company trip to Chicago for a week. Then we were off to hit some garage sales. Blaine found a decent workbench/took box for a great price and I found some more old milk bottles and a wooden pepsi crate to use as part of our wedding decor.

The rest of the day we spent napping, driving around and watching the intense lightning strikes and finished off then night eating leftovers and catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. And cuddling. It has been nice and cool at night. I love it.

We spent Sunday finishing up some painting in the house. All the rooms except the sunroom are now done with their first coat and edging. All we have left in regards to painting is to finish up painting the sunroom, edge the REALLY high parts above the stairs and do a quick second coat therough out the house. It already looks so much better, though. I need to take some photos.

After painting Blaine started working on organizing the garage. All of our stuff is piled in there since the contractor needs to do windows, floors and a few misc other things in the house still. While he organized the garage, I started unpacking boxes of kitchen stuff. Oh man. We have a lot of kitchen stuff. And since we don’t have a sink in the kitchen yet and no appliances (like a dishwasher) I had to put everything away without washing it. I checked a piece of newspaper from in the box. We packed that box in August 2009! That’s when we moved out of our apartment in Moorpark with our friend. Since then we’ve been living with my parents and didn’t need any of it.

In other news, there are some crazy fires going on. Apparently the lightning that we were enjoying so much started over 50 fires in our county! There still one going in a community near ours and they are on recommended evacuation. So scary. Luckily our community is ok for now. I’m a little nervous to head to work today and leave all the pets at home, but luckily it’s not too close to us. Plus, our county’s fire department has a facebook page and it gives impotant updates. How cool is that? So I can keep up with how the fire is doing and if my house is in danger. I think that’s a good reason to be on facebook at work, don’t you?

Well – off to work to find out how my bosses feel about the email I sent them on Friday letting them know about the over 2 weeks I need off for the wedding and honeymoon. Fingers crossed they’re more than ok with it since they’re a married couple. They should understand, right?

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