iPhone dilemmas.

The iPhone 4S just happens to be available for pre-order on my upgrade date. Interesting. Coincidence? Doubt it. Either way, I bought a low model Blackberry in 2010, lost that a few months ago and am now trying to deal with my dad’s Blackberry Storm which is over 2 years old at this point. Did I also mentioned that I somehow managed to drop and crack the screen of the Storm within the first week of having it? I have never cracked a screen in my… 10 (?) years of cell phone ownership.

Now the dilemma is, do I want to upgrade to the iPhone 4S? Should I just deal with the Storm until the iPhone 5 comes out? When will that be? Should I buy a used iPhone 4 for $250+ on ebay and then wait for the iPhone 5 to come out before I renew my contract and then resell the iPhone 4 on ebay? Should I just get the $99 8GB iPhone 4 and save the $100 to help with the wedding and our new mortgage that we’re responsible for?

I’m indecisive as it is and I’ve gone back and forth about it over the last few days. I’m still undecided. As tempting as it is to pre-order either the new 8GB iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4S, I’m going to hold off and think about it for the next week. Then if I decide on it, I get to hope that they’ll be in stock for me to buy before I go on my honeymoon to Mexico so that I can use it as a camera as my 5 year old Canon is driving me completely nuts at this point.

Or maybe I’ll give in over the next 51 minutes and end up pre-ordering one of them.

Why is this so difficult? Why am I putting so much thought into it?!

The truth of the matter is, there will always be something new and better that comes out every couple of months. You either deal with it and wait for your next upgrade date or shell out $500+, which is just (in my opinion) crazy.

It should be interesting to read all this rambling when I’ve made a decision. I’m sure I’ll be ashamed of how much thought I’ve put into the decision. It’s just a cell phone, Aileen. It’s just a cell phone.

P.S. Oh god. What color am I supposed to choose????? (half laughing at myself, half embarrassed right now.)

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