Shop update + excitement!

Scarf Shop Upload Collage

Today is being spent uploading some scarves to my etsy shop and going through my vintage collection that needs to be put up as well! We finally got internet at the new house so I’m hanging here in my GIANT studio getting stuff done. I’ve decided to start calling my craft room a “studio” because it just sounds so much better. But then at the same time I feel like it makes me sound kind of arrogant, haha. It’s just weird, when I picture a craft room I picture this messy room full of hobbyish crafts all over the place. When I think of a studio, I picture a well organized space with supplies and finished products nicely displayed. So I’m going with studio, maybe it’ll help me keep my little world organized.

In other news, I’m in love with the scarves I finished sewing up last night! I only bought a couple of yards of each fabric since I wasn’t sure how much time I’d have to work on these scarves. Once I get this place all set up, I might run down the hill and grab some more scarf fabric.

I’m just so excited because I have been waiting so long to have an organized space so that I can start creating more and collecting more to add to the shop. Now I can run my little business from it’s own little room, instead of living and working out of my bedroom at my parents which is always just a disaster. Exciting things are going to be happening!

Check out my shop here.

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