Wedding done. Now what?

Pictures are from spending our first night at the house. Our new mattress came so we used new sheets we got as wedding presents and old comforters that we have had forever and were packed in boxes from a couple of years ago. Blaine was adamant about spending the night there. We also had to use a little tiny heater since the gas wasn’t on and it was 30 degrees that night.You can barely see, but the window sills still need to be painted white. They’re dark blue from what the room was before we painted it. The second photo was our view from the side window in the morning.

Life has definitely slowed down a lot since the wedding. To be honest, it’s taken the past few weeks for me to feel like the wedding is actually over. I’m not even kidding, there have been a few random moments of panic thinking the wedding was soon and I had a lot of stuff to do. Silly. I know the wedding is over, but my body and mind have been so used to being in a constant state of “so much to do” that it’s just starting to wind down.

After the wedding my uncle, who took photos along with the photographer we hired, gave me a USB stick with all of the photos. Of course when we came home to pack for the honeymoon, I misplaced it. I’m pretty sure I put it somewhere I wouldn’t lose it, which means I hid it from myself really well. I tend to do that. I’m still waiting on the photos from the photographer, but I hope to find these photos soon so that I can upload some with an official wedding recap post.

Now that the wedding is over, what am I up to? Tons. I’ve got orders for my business to sew up today, though I think I may have to run to the fabric store because I’m out of one color needed. Other than that, I’m in the midst of packing up my room to move into the new house. The flooring is down and this week the stucco is being done, appliances are being installed along with ceiling fans (i.e. lights in the rooms!) and the gas is getting turned on so it’s not completely freezing in there. This week (and probably next) it’s my job to take my densely packed bedroom and pack it up to move over there. Meanwhile I’ll be throwing many, many things in a donate/yard sale pile. We are committed to keeping our new house clutter free.

Tomorrow night Blaine will be coming and picking me up and taking me back down to his parents house so I can go shopping for furniture. A friend of the family is giving us their old couches and he’s renting a truck on Friday to bring them up so it’s a good time for me to hopefully find other pieces like a dining table and possibly a bed frame. The couches are several years old, but the couple has no kids so they’re in amazing condition. I’ll be buying some couch covers just because they’re blue and don’t go with the style we’re going for in the house. I’m so excited to get to decorating and DIYing fun things for the new house!

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