Weekend Recap

We’re almost done, we’re almost done! So much has been done on the house lately. I really need to upload some photos because it’s looking AMAZING. We have all of our appliances, we’re just waiting on them to install the sink, dishwasher and microwave. We made a frozen pizza in our new oven and let’s just say washing a baking sheet in a small bathroom sink is pretty challenging. We’re also waiting on carpet for a closet, new windows and some other small repairs.

I married such a handy guy. Just yesterday he installed two ceiling fans and three curtain rods. We have 10 foot windows in two rooms. I’m glad Ikea carried some curtain rods that fit our gigantic windows! We also moved in our couches from a friend of the family and managed to BREAK the bed frame we bought. The box spring wouldn’t fit in, so we were trying to squeeze it in and the wood just split. Boo. While I’m super sad because I liked it, I’m just happy Blaine managed to talk the guy down to $60 because that’s not as bad as a couple hundred bucks. I guess we’ll just continue sleeping without a cute bed frame, we’ll survive I’m sure. I’m more worried about a dining table. Less than two weeks until Thanksgiving at our house and still no table! I’m working on trying to find one, I’m not sure if we can make one in time. We’ll see.

All our furbabies got to hang out in the house all weekend! We fenced in the front yard, it’s a little ghetto but it works for now so the dogs can go outside. The dogs love the house, they have so much space to roam and I love that the whole bottom floor is hard so that any accidents can be easily cleaned up. The cats love it too. I found one of them hiding in a bathroom drawer the first morning, but other than that I think they’re all ok with it. Blaine is pushing for me to just move in already, but I’m wary about living alone most of the week. Though, now that we’ve introduced all the pets and spent time there with them, I think I’ll be much less hesitant with all the animals around.

Today I have to drop off the key to the uhaul truck, get an oil change then go home and get started on some orders. I’m also going to work on some projects for Christmas and my etsy store. I’m having internal conflicts about the store name/my blog name. I’m going to brainstorm over the next few days and see what I come up with.

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