Weekend Recap

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This weekend was a busy, busy one as usual. On Friday I casually went dining table shopping with my parents and kind of fell in love. The only problem is with all the other house stuff we’ve been paying for (and the wedding), we were on a strict budget and this was more than double. Yikes. Luckily I have the best parents in the world who offered to split it with us. I told them that I would only accept that offer if it was an early Christmas gift from them, so we bought it! (Thanks, mom & dad!)

We picked it up early Saturday and Blaine put together the bench and the table. We love it to death. It’s exactly our style and the perfect size. The only thing I’m hesitant about is that it’s a lot more cherry wood looking than I expected. Our floors are dark, muted, greyish brown and our kitchen cabinets (until I can convince Blaine to let me paint them) are a light wood. So now we have three different stains of wood in our kitchen. Oops. I’m going to do my best with any additional decor to try and tie them together so it’s less awkward. Either way, I love our new table AND now we have somewhere to put our Thanksgiving feast in just a few days!

Once we were done putting together the table, we spent the next few hours cleaning/unpacking/organizing. You know, the usual. I feel like this is what normal life is now because we have been doing this every weekend for a few months. I know eventually we’ll be done, but I’m enjoying it for now. I also made a few of my Kitty Cuddler mats for my dad to give to a friend for her birthday, she’s got kitties. We went to drop off her present/meet my dad at the Country Club. We we invited to stay, although we didn’t even really know the person who’s birthday it was. However, when realizing it was kind of a sit down dinner and that everyone was about 20 years older than us we decided against it. And I got out my plaid shirt (see photo above), big belt buckle and cowboy boots just for the occasion (the party had a western theme). Bummer. So we moseyed on home and caught up on American Horror Story while cuddling with all the critters before heading back home to our house.

Sunday was a day of home cooking and even more unpacking. I spent most of the day organizing my fabric stash. Once I filled up the entire top shelf of the closet we had to head over to Home Depot to get supplies to make more shelving. I think we’ve been to Home Depot more than any other places combined over the last few months. Despite the fact that I have way too much fabric, I love owning my own business and I love it even more now that I have a dedicated space that doesn’t have to spill into my personal space. Hip hip hooray! Having my own studio/office has seriously been a dream of mine for years, so when Blaine offered to let me have the biggest bedroom in the house that just made it even better! And the best husband award goes to…

After spending hours working on unpacking and anything else house related, I made some fresh tortillas with the new tortilla press and cast iron pan that we got as wedding gifts. We had dinner then we snuggled on the couch to watch Sixteen Candles. Neither of us had actually seen it before. I know, terrible. Blaine is so much better at watching movies than I am. He gets so engrossed and knows exactly what’s going on. He also actually remembers the movies he sees, unlike me. Meanwhile I’ve got movie ADD/ADHD. I noticed “the principal from School of Rock” (her name escaped me) so I had to look up what her name was, Joan Cusack, then had to look it up in my phone to see if it was actually her (“Geek Girl #1”, I believe), and then I saw that Molly Ringwald was in The Facts of Life, then I had to burst into the theme song for The Facts of Life (to Blaine’s amusement/horror), then I had to look and see if Joan Cusack was related to John Cusack (also in the movie). They’re siblings, by the way. And that was just in the first half of the movie. Lucky for me, Blaine is (usually) a man of patience.

Today I was pretty lazy. I cleaned a little, did/am still doing a few loads of laundry and ran down to Bakersfield to go to the fabric store. I picked up 3 different fabrics to make kitchen towels from, a fabric for more scarves for the shop and several yards of some adorable babushka fabric that I have no idea to do with yet. Now I’m about to make my bed and sleep, although it’ll just barely be 9pm by the time I get there. Early to bed, early to rise, right? Happy Monday!

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