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Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

Holiday Fireplace

I spent a few hours yesterday sewing and decorating. My first project was the fireplace. It’s not completely done yet. We need stockings and I want to put something in those 2 empty bottles on the right, but I think it’s quite cute! I made extras of the “Ho Ho Ho” banner as well as a “Peace” wall hanging and you can find them in my shop.

Holiday Decor Collage

Can you tell I love burlap? We have a ton left over from the wedding (pictures finally coming soon!) since we used it for table runners and table cloths. I just like the natural, rustic feel it gives everything. Our tables were gorgeous with burlap table runners and vases of bright flowers.

Today I’m working on some orders then I’m hoping to run to the store to pick up supplies for more projects. Then I get to clean because Blaine is coming home tonight for the weekend. He normally comes home on Wednesday nights and Friday’s to stay for the weekend. However, last night the dogs were acting weird and barking at a window in the kitchen, then later again at the side yard where that window is and I heard a few noises in the back yard (we have no fence yet) so I was super freaked out. Blaine, being the amazing husband he is, drove up last night to spend the night with me. It’s a 100 mile drive for him and he has to leave before 5am to get to work in time.

This weekend we’re planning to get our Christmas tree and put some lights up and I’m soo excited. So far all I have done is the fireplace, but it’s already starting to feel all warm and cozy here. I love this time of year <3

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