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Life in Photos + quickie update

Life in Photos

Blaine cutting down our tree – Tree farm – Tree on Jeep
Warm enough for a dress – Cute Einstein – I spy our wedding favors at my grandmas
Blaine hanging lights (it was 27* out) – Reading the Hunger Games series – Horses in Alberton’s parking lot

I got my iPhone 4s in the beginning of October. How is it possible that I already have 699 photos? Also – I went through about a week ago and deleted about 100 random bad/accident/duplicate photos. Yikes. I blame about 150 of them on my friend Kim who took so many photos on our wedding night as Blaine and I opened presents that it might as well be a video. They’re pretty silly photos though, so I love that she did it. I should make a video of all of the photos, it might be funny.

The “severe winter weather” warning has me looking forward to playing in the snow today. We got about an hour or two this afternoon, but as soon as it started collecting the littlest bit, it stopped. Boo. Now it’s definitely cold enough with a 60% chance of snow, but nothing. Here’s hoping I wake up to a winter wonderland tomorrow morning! Just a couple inches works for me.

In other news, for the last few days I’ve been feeling off and on like I’ve had a cold. Runny/stuffy nose and headaches. It was bad yesterday morning, then fine the evening through this morning. Now I’m feeling sick again. It’s kind of confusing, but not as bad as yesterday. I’m hoping to be completely better tomorrow. I’ve spent the last several days completely unproductive and it’s driving me crazy.

Tomorrow I’m going to go crazy getting stuff done before I head over for my Tuesday night dinner + Terra Nova date with my dad. On Wednesday I may be going to help a friend tile the brewery room she’s building in her house, then Blaine comes for the night. My mom is coming to visit on Thursday so I’ll hang out with my parents Thursday night and Friday morning. Then on Friday Blaine comes home for the weekend. And last, but not least, my sister and brother in law are flying in this weekend for a couple of weeks.

Life is busy, despite my days alone which I mostly don’t mind. But I miss having other people in the house, even when I lived with my dad just a few weeks ago, it was nice having someone just in the house even if we weren’t hanging out. It kind of seems silly, us both living alone just 10 miles from each other. But Blaine will be able to get a job here soon (fingers crossed) and as newlyweds, we need our own space to start our life. However, I really really miss when my parents, Blaine, my sister and I all used to live under the same roof. Weird that a married girl in her mid-20’s is saying that, but I adore my family and loved having a full house. Now, I do have a full house of pets, but there’s only so much you can talk to them about before looking totally insane. Now I think I’m just rambling, I think that means it’s time for bed. Even though it’s only 9:10pm. I used to be such a night owl, always in bed after midnight, usually even later than 2am. Now I’m usually in bed around 10pm, makes no sense since I have nowhere to be in the mornings.

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