Weekend Link Love

It’s been a while since I did a Weekend Link Love post. I’ve been saving links for weeks and now I can finally share them all. And clean out my bookmarks. I’m writing this post while I wait for my dad to come over, I’m dropping him off to meet a friend so they can go to Vegas for the weekend. Lucky! It’s ok. Blaine will be home in a couple (ok like 4) hours and then we can snuggle, eat dinner and watch last nights episode of American Idol. Yeah – we totally watch that religiously. Don’t judge.

ZenHabits.net is a fun read. This post helped me decide to do my Sugar Strike Challenge.

Once in a while, I really want to write and can’t think of anything. From now on I’ll browse through 50 things to write about when you have writers block.

Statigram! You can view instagram photos online and it has all sorts of fun statistics to look through like how many total likes you have (95, average of .8 per photo), what days of the week you post more often (Tues & Sun), etc.

Did you know about Food Blog Search? You can search over 3000 food blogs at once. Nice!

Just plain awesome.

Another eye opening post on sugar over at Simple Organic.

A great blog for creative entrepreneurs.

This blog written by Librarians is hilarious.

This is a very very cute post: 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters.

Free organizing printables! I love organizational tools, it’s kind of nerdy.

I feel like I had more than that, hmmm… well that’ll do for now.

Happy weekend everyone!

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