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What I do have…

After a comment on my post on being a Vegetarian, I checked out a new blog while I laid in bed, on my iPhone. While there is a lot of talk of religion, I appreciate a lot of the posts though I don’t practice any religion myself. Somewhere amongst those posts she talked of downsizing, of living a simpler life than they have to. This really made me think about how extravagant even my life is, in comparison to so many other people.

Sometimes I really need to be reminded of all the amazing things in my life. How lucky I am that no only do I have a great family and husband, I have a roof over my head, and my own roof at that. I have a kitchen stocked with food. I have a kitchen. I have everyday conveniences that a lot of people don’t. For gods sake, I have the time in my day and the equipment to write in this blog. I don’t have to work 18 hours a day to get by, I have the time to sit here and talk about whatever I want. I have a computer and internet connection that probably costs more than some people would be able to afford. Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to have a ton of money and to be able to do or buy whatever I want. And then I float back down to earth and realize how much I already do have.

I’ve been talking to Blaine about how I want a new car. I’ve been leaning towards an Acura RDX or a Prius. Wake up, Aileen. We have three cars, although they’re all technically his. He’s a car guy, he can’t help it. I just drive whatever he’s not driving. We have THREE CARS. For two people. And here I am being selfish and wanting “my own”. Who cares what I’m driving? I have a car to drive. Someone give me a good shake next time I want for a new car. Which will probably be in a week. I still WANT one, but here’s hoping I can keep this sane, humble peace of mind.

I’m doing my best to look beyond my daily “problems” to see how lucky I am.

OMG. The internet is down AGAIN. (I can afford the internet. I own a computer.)

I’m too lazy to cook. (I have a kitchen full of more food than some people have access to in a year.)

UGH. I have nothing to wear! (I have a closet full of clothes and am lucky enough to own a brand new washer and dryer.)

My phone is dead! (I have a phone. An iPhone. And a house phone.)

Seriously. What am I complaining about, ever? What tragic problems do I have?  None.

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  1. NICE! Sometimes, the best thing you can do is solidify all of the awesome things you’re thankful for in writing. It definitely helps remind you of how f*cking fantastic your life really is. <3 Keep it up.

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