25 goals before 26 + SURPRISE!

My birthday is on February 11th (Saturday). I’ll be turning 25. I’m in my mid-twenties. I guess at 24, I already was, but still. Where has the time gone? Last time I checked I was 19 and had met this great guy. Even high school does not seem like it was 7 years ago. 7 YEARS! Now I’m almost 25? I can’t even believe it.

Blaine had a surprise planned out for me on my birthday. I somehow guessed it and spoiled the surprise. I’m terrible at being surprised, I’m too nosy and I’m really annoying. Really, don’t try to surprise me because I will bug you forever. Anyway… DISNEYLAND! I am so excited and have the best husband in the whole world!! Blaine’s momma is coming to watch the animals since we’ll be gone all day. We’re getting up at the crack of dawn and plan on staying until they close. I’m already exhausted thinking about it, but SO excited and hope it’s not too too busy. I want to ride all the rides! I want a caramel apple and pictures with princesses! I want to spend an entire day at the happiest place on earth with the love of my life and I get to do just that!

I’ve been compiling a list of 25 goals before I turn 26. Some are real goals with outcomes and some are just things to work on and not exactly concrete. But it’s been fun making this little list.

1. Sew a piece of clothing for myself (hopefully a dress? a cute one?)

2. Walk/run 500 miles!

3. Pay off the rest of our debt

4. Try to convince Blaine to let me paint the kitchen cabinets white

5. Purge my wardrobe. From now on I will only buy/keep pieces I love and cannot live without.

6. Continue to strive towards my goal of a successful business

7. Keep my blog full of beautiful photos and memories to look back on

8. Learn to play an instrument (I’m thinking guitar)

9. Send more mail — cards, gifts, letters, whatever.

10. Road Trip!

11. Visit my sister in Tennessee

12. Go to the World’s Longest Yardsale! (this one + the 2 above can all be done all at once, yes?)

13. Save up a ton of money to go crazy at the World’s Longest Yardsale!

14. Plant a garden (indoor or outdoor, I’m not sure yet)

15. Enjoy the world – be on the internet less

16. Spend more time with the dogs — they get neglected while I’m up in my studio all day

17. Build a fence in our back yard!!!


19. Go on more thrifting adventures

20. Cut down my “blogs I read” list to the ones I really love (see #15)

21. Take an art class

22. Get a car for myself that gets better than 12mpg

23. Go camping at least once

24. Go to the beach a ton!

25. Work to build a strong, loving marriage

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