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I’m not sick, but I’m not well…

Do you remember that song? Good times. But you know what’s NOT good times? How I’ve been feeling lately. It’s not even just one thing, it’s so many things all at once that are making me feel less than great. Last week it started with a sore throat. That’s fine, I wasn’t coughing and I had no other symptoms, I can totally deal with that.

Until it turned into a sore throat and a sore/stiff neck, which I’m guessing is because the glands in my neck are enlarged from the sore throat. On Saturday, just before going to dinner with my parents my chest started feeling really tight and I was very light headed. Along with some weird fluttering in my chest that would make me have to catch my breath a few times a day. But the tightness and light headedness was fine by the next morning. However, my hip (which does hurt on and off pretty regularly) hurt enough when I was in bed that I hardly got any sleep on Friday or Saturday night.

Today? My hip feels a little better (oddly, walking helps), but now I have a terrible headache that has been lasting ALL day. Is it just me or are headaches the worst? That combined with my stiff neck are making it impossible to do anything today without wanting to just give up.

When we were at dinner with my parents my dad said that kind of chest pain is commonly associated with anxiety/stress. So now I’m trying to figure out what I could possibly be stressed about. I mean, there’s tons of things I could be slightly stressed about, but nothing major that I would guess would affect me like this.

Here’s hoping I wake up tomorrow morning a new woman. Sitting on the floor on my cutting mat, cutting up orders just makes my head throb like crazy. I’m contemplating trying to take another nap, but the one I took an hour ago did absolutely nothing.

You know those times in life when you can’t remember what it’s like to feel normal? I’m there right now. Normal and pain free, please! Until then — I think I’ll retreat to my bedroom with my laptop and some episodes of Gossip Girl.

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