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My Disneyland Birthday

Birthday Cake by Blaine

Do you see that cake up there? The one that’s shaped like an A and kind of looks like there’s fake blood on it? My husband MADE that. From scratch, not a box, mind you. The only things I’ve ever seen that man make in the kitchen is breakfast. Eggs, waffles, pancakes, that’s about it. I love that guy, how awesome is he? Oh — and the fake blood looking stuff is frosting he wrote “Happy Birthday” with, but it melted before he could get the cake to me.

To make him even sweeter, for my birthday on Saturday my amazing Blaine surprised me (read: tried to surprise me, I guessed) with a trip to Disneyland! We’re only about 2.5 hours away, but we don’t get to go often because man, it’s expensive. But for my 25th birthday, we were on our way there! Yep – 25 years old. What is going on? Time is flying, dude. Also — if you think Disneyland is an immature place to go for your 25th birthday don’t even get me started on my 18th and 21st birthday. Chuck. E. Cheese. That’s right, I’m immature. Moving on…

We got up at 6:30 in the morning and got home at 1am. We were at the park a total of 12 hours and it was exhausting, but so much fun! Apparently there was a chance of rain, which is why I think the lines weren’t as long as usual. I think the longest we waited was maybe 45 minutes. For Disneyland any day, I feel like that’s pretty good.

Because it wasn’t as crowded as usual, we got to ride pretty much everything and even ate like five meals. It was a day for splurging, so it’s ok. Just go with it.

Disneyland Nails
My Mickey Mouse nails. I’m a nerd, I know.
Disneyland Bound!
On our way, way too early!
Disneyland goodies
So much good stuff.
Disneyland Food!
This doesn’t even begin to show much we ate.
The Indiana Jones ride broke leaving us stuck for 15 minutes; us in front of the castle.
Disneyland: It's a Small World
Lots of It’s a Small World pictures.

Disneyland: It's a Small World

Disneyland: It's a Small World 

Disneyland: It's a Small World

Post cinnamon roll, seen right. So yummy.
Disneyland: Star Tours & Space Mountain
Star Tours; Space Mountain making scared faces for the picture
Disneyland: Nemo
Finding Nemo submarine ride
Disneyland parade
Parade. There were so many good pictures that came out blurry, sad.

Disneyland Parade

Disneyland: Aileen
Right before going home. This was the perfect comfy, yet warm for a cool day outfit.

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    1. I love Space Mountain! I’m definitely not a roller coaster kind of girl, they scare me so much! My husband keeps trying to tell me that some of the most tame roller coasters at theme parks are very similar to Space Mountain, they just look scarier because I can see them. I refuse to believe him.

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