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Weekend Update + Howdy Ya’ll!

Please excuse me while I bombard you with outfit photos from January that I forgot about.

While at yard sales all morning, my phone was blowing up with comments and new twitter followers! To everyone who came over from Little chief Honeybee: HELLO FRIENDS! I’ve truly enjoyed reading all your lovely comments today, they made my day.

Blaine and I spent this morning at yard sales. Our goals? Filing cabinet, coffee table, big frame to make into a chalkboard. Check, check and check! Successful day. Now everything just needs to be painted. We also stopped in Costco to grab a few things. We avoid Costco for the most part, but my mom gave us a membership so we stop in every month or two to see what we can get there.

Ok here’s the deal people. Blaine is officially living here, at home, with me, full time! Yesterday was his last day at his job for the past four years and next week he is starting at his new job just miles from home. It’s so funny. All day we have both still felt like he’s leaving early Monday morning (usually 5am) to go to his job down in LA like he has for the past year. NOPE! I don’t think it’ll hit us until Monday when he doesn’t leave for work. It’s going to take some getting used to, but my hubby is home to stay! *cheers and applause*

Never expect serious, model-like outfit poses from me like all the cool bloggers. I can’t do it.

Right now we’re preparing to go down to LA for a couple of days. We’re headed down tonight to go to a car show tomorrow morning. Then on Monday we’re going to shop for more inventory for Kintage. Shopping for tons of cute/amazing pieces and not feeling guilty about it? Dream job. I know I haven’t written a ton about the new shop I’m opening, but it’s definitely getting close and I’m extremely excited to officially launch soon. I spent all day yesterday at the DMV, Board of Equalization and Kern County Recorders Office changing my name on my drivers license and getting all sorts of business-ish stuff done. All I have left is to go to city hall and get a city business license. It’s so exciting. I really hope you all love the pieces I’ve picked for the shop. Remember to “like” Kintage on Facebook and follow the Kintage Blog for updates!

I hope you all have an amazing rest of your weekend, mine is going to busy and exciting!

I love you, GAP Black Friday Sale Cute I Waited In Line for 45 Minutes For These $10 Shoes.

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