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Loving: The weather lately. Crisp and chilly in the morning and then the afternoon is the perfect temperature with an amazing breeze. I’ve been opening the windows, well the ones with screens, to let all the gorgeous air in. The kitties are loving it too, they sit right in front of the windows and sniff the air. One thing I love about this house is that it seems to be in the perfect spot for air flow throughout the house if you just open a couple of windows. The breeze is going to be our savior this summer without AC. I think we can manage.

Thinking about: Getting the back yard done. We have 1/3 of an acre to fence and we want to get it done before it gets too hot out. We’re doing it ourselves to save A LOT of money (no really, do you know how much fences cost? Amazing.) and I am not looking forward to it, but it’ll be worth it to be able to have the dogs and chickens out back. I also really want to get my garden started ASAP, but there are enough bunnies and other little animals to eat my crops even with a fence. I feel like it’ll be pointless without one. Maybe we’ll get started next weekend! Once I get over to my dads and pick up the bag of soil I left there, I can get my seeds started and hopefully have somewhere to plant them when the time comes.

Anticipating: Going out of town this weekend! Super Car Sunday + a bridal shower for one of Blaine’s long time friends that I was surprised and excited that I got invited to. I still have to pick up her gift and wrap it up, but I’m excited to get out of town for a day. OH! And seeing the Hunger Games this weekend! I am rereading the first book and was hoping to finish before I saw it, but I still have almost 200 pages left. I’m not sure if I’m up for reading all day today, we’ll see. But I’m so excited! And I keep seeing Jennifer Lawrence (who plays Katniss) on interviews by accident and I kind of love her. Blaine was watching Chelsea Lately with me last night when she was on and he mentioned that we would probably be BFFs. Agreed.

Listening to: This morning I was listening to Haley Rheinhart on Spotify. I totally forgot about her until she was on American Idol last night. There have seriously been so many seasons that I can’t remember half the winners, but now I remember that we loved her.

Eating: Breakfast has not been the least bit appealing lately so I’ve been forcing it down or not eating it at all which is worse. But if I don’t have breakfast and I have coffee, I usually get a headache. So I made myself eat four bites of oatmeal with raw honey and cinnamon. Now I’m drinking my coffee.

Wishing: That my office would clean itself! It’s a bit of a disaster. With my sister here for two weeks, I didn’t do much cleaning or upkeep. Blaine finally gave in a few days ago and did the laundry that had been piling up on our bedroom floor. I caught up a little yesterday and vacuumed + swiffered (that’s a word, right?) the floors downstairs along with cleaning the kitchen a little. But the problem with my office is I have so much stuff and I need to find a way to organize it. Maybe I can convince Blaine to take a trip to Ikea when we’re down in LA this weekend.

Life is getting back to normal after my sisters visit. Blaine is happy to have me all to himself again. My little sister is my bestie so when she’s here we just do what we want and it’s almost always sister time, poor guy.

Happy Friday!

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