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Dream Life

So I have this dream life. You know, the kind of life you’ve been picturing since you were a kid and altering as you grow and your personality and preferences change. Mine has changed here and there, little changes, big changes. When I met Blaine he filled in the blank face of the man standing by my side. No matter what changed, though, something always remained. A happy family loving every moment of life and taking in as much of it as possible. You know, typical sappy Lifetime movie stuff, minus the creepers, adulterers and all the drama filled craziness. Ok, so it’s nothing like a Lifetime movie.

My dream life always based itself around a business. I’ve been dreaming and planning businesses since I was in high school, maybe earlier. I vividly remember sitting in Algebra, planning businesses and brainstorming. Seriously. This dream business would give me the freedom to work from home and eventually would give Blaine the freedom to do the same. So that we could plan our business around our dream life. This dream life also includes a couple cute little Blaine’s and Aileen’s, the number fluctuates between 3 and 5. Side Note: Blaine does this thing when he’s about to spend a lot of money or make a stressful decision where he swallows really intensely as if all the moisture has suddenly been sucked out of his body and his throat is dry as the desert. Like when we have a huge vet bill. He doesn’t notice he’s doing it until I point it out. Now back to the whole 3 to 5 kids thing. That would make that poor guy gulp like crazy. He’s content with the dogs being our babies for now.

This dream life also includes a beach house as well as a cabin in the mountains. And visions of our littles flying kites on the beach with Blaine while I tap away at the laptop working on this dream business that seems to not require much work or stress at all. We would take month long road trips and visit all sorts of places from Mt. Rushmore to ghost towns. Spend holidays in our cabin in the mountains snuggled up in old quilts drinking hot cocoa and watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

As we speak my dreams are coming true. I found an amazing guy to spend my real-life-dream-life with and Kintage is turning out to be my dream business. I could not be happier with how our life is turning out right now and I feel so lucky to be able to say that.

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