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Thoughts on a Monday

Temporarily named Cher until she grows her feathers and we come up with a real name.

Posting has been scarce. Anything not related to Kintage has been super neglected lately. Luckily, I have a husband who doesn’t mind doing dishes and vacuuming the family room at 11pm when he has to work the next day. Stress to get the shop open has been overwhelming because I’m SO close, but keep having problems with the checkout process. It looks like it’ll be about a week before they’re completely resolved, so that’s extremely annoying since I was aiming to open last week.

I want to thank everyone for all the amazing comments on my post about not being able to be a Foster Parent. I whole heartedly agree with most of you that instead of giving us a chance to prove our dog is fine around children, we were immediately rejected without even digging any further. I forgot to mention that I actually contacted another agency and they were nicer, but it was still a no go. It was “Oh, that’s fine, as long as they live outside in a dog run away from the children.” Yeah, no, sorry. My dogs live inside, with us.

My sister, Lauren, trying to decide which Kintage purse to buy.

Today is going to be spent working on Kintage some more while I wait a few more excruciating days for to get my account up and running. Also I’ll be sewing up some orders for my other business and hopefully spending an hour or two cleaning my disaster of a studio. Maybe I’ll work on that first, I always feel SO much more motivated when I’m in a clean environment. Shuffling clutter around to get work done is completely motivating.

After all the stress of last week I literally spend this weekend doing nothing. On Saturday we went down to LA to pick up a car part from Blaine’s dad and then went to Sushi Mac for lunch. Then we came back home. I’m ashamed to say that I spent the last part of Saturday and most of Sunday vegging on the couch and playing The Sims with my sister. I don’t know what it is about that game, but I could play it all day. When I was a teenager, I literally spent entire days playing that game. But I really needed the down time, away from anything business/work related. My sister is visiting and luckily she’s been very helpful with all the stuff I need to get done, but I need to step back a little and hang out with her while she’s here.

Excuse the boob shot. And the plaid on plaid. Also – of course I got pooped on <3

How was your weekend? Please tell me you spent the whole weekend playing The Sims also so I don’t feel as guilty/nerdy. <3

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2 Comments on “Thoughts on a Monday

  1. Haha, not the Sims but……. SPORCLE!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously. Go to It’s a trivia game site that Steve and I spend way too much time on. We justify it by telling ourselves that we are expanding our knowledge base. Which we are. Sort of.

    ALSO I can’t wait for Kintage to open because every time I look at the Kintage FB I find something else I want.

  2. Haha, you just made my day with this post! How cute is that little chicken? 😀
    And how awesome is it that you play the Sims? I thought I was the only grown up person who did that. I feel kinda sorta normal now that I now that other cool people play the game too 😀

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