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Why we aren’t allowed to be foster parents…

This little lady is the reason Blaine and I aren’t able to be foster parents. Yep.


Blaine and I have thought about being foster and/or adoptive parents in the past. We don’t talk to other people about it much because well… who knows if we will be able to and the few times we have mentioned it we have gotten negative responses. At the end of last year I was on craigslist looking for jobs for Blaine. I came across a company looking for foster parents. I clicked. I couldn’t help but contact them for more information. I was upfront and stated that we weren’t quite ready yet, but wanted to know the requirements and I added at the very end that we have 4 dogs and 3 cats. That mean’s we’re loving/nurturing people, right?

A few weeks pass after they promise to call me and I figure they weren’t down for the zoo we currently have in our home. Then I get the phone call. Let me veer off a little and say, I give my house phone number to people I don’t want to have my cell phone. People I don’t know, companies I sign up with, etc. This means I don’t answer my house phone. One morning I heard it ringing. For some reason I answered. It was the foster agency. Fate? I thought so. Not so much, though.

She assured me that they have no problem with the amount of pets I have “as long as they aren’t Pit Bulls, Dobermans or Rottweilers.” Well, crap. I let her know that one of our dogs is a Pit Bull and she proceeded to ask “Would you be willing to find her a new home?” The world stops for a second. I quickly replay what she said in my head to make sure my answer fits the question. “That is absolutely out of the question.”

Pause, pause, pause…pause, pause… “Ok – well if you change your mind, let me know.”

“Yeah – that’s not going to happen. Thanks anyway.” And I hang up, probably more annoyed than I should be.

She loves the snow… in case you couldn’t tell.

Ok — I know some people aren’t animal people and that’s fine. And some parents are offended that I’m offended because children outrank dogs. And some people DO get rid of their animals when a child comes into/is coming into their life. (Which I 100% disagree with and you should probably never ever tell me you did that if we want to be friends.)

I was totally insulted that she asked that. You think someone who has as many pets as I do is willing to just kick one out the front door? NOPE.

I understand their rule. Those dogs have bad reputations (read: bad owners, bad previous owners, etc) so they can’t risk it. Although – I think my Chihuahua would be more of a danger to anyone, to be frank. But what about the Pit Bulls, Dobermans or Rottweilers that are certified to go to hospitals to cheer up patients? I’m pretty sure they don’t let vicious dogs in there.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that the only statistics available are for reported dog bites. If a Chihuahua bites you, you’re less likely to go to the hospital than if a Doberman bites you. Just sayin’.

You see, we are willing to open our home and lives to a child who needs us, but because we also open our home and lives to animals who need us – we can’t.

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14 Comments on “Why we aren’t allowed to be foster parents…

  1. This really irks me, Aileen. I don’t know how many recent stories I have seen about dogs, especially ones people deem as “harmful,” keeping a careful eye on the families that own them, especially the children. I understand where they are coming from, in a way, but I think that any home with animals should be monitored for a few hours by the agency, with the child in the home, to see how everything is going. I think they’d see that many of these “vicious” animals are the most loving companions – which these foster children need.


    1. I agree with everything you’ve said. I think there should be some sort of test, certification, monitoring over time, SOMETHING. It just seems ridiculous.

  2. I am so sorry about this :( I know how you feel about not compormising – I’ve fought tooth and nail to keep my Mr. Dorian. He’s only a Maine Coon but there has been pressure to give him up and I could just never do it. I can’t imagine having a dog some people are prejudice against and then getting news like this. They’re your baby too! I hope things even out so you can have both :)

    1. Thanks Ashton! I stand by the fact that when you adopt an animal, you are adopting it for life. Any reason less than life threatening isn’t a good enough reason to rehome, in my opinion.

  3. Ridiculous. With the people that are able to just “have” children and multiply like crazy without giving a crae in the world to their children who are then raised in abusive, drunken trashy homes..yet – someone who is a loving person wanting to open their home can’t have a child because of their current family (ie pets) It’s insane. WE were actually turned down apartments before because we had a miniature pinscher- thats right- because we had a 12 pound MINIATURE pinscher we were refused renters insurance and also many apartments because they told me she was considered a doberman pinscher who is on the “black list”. You don’t even know the anger and arguments I got into over that one. If you had met her – she was afraid of everyone and was like a child and would hide behind my legs when anyone came near her- or she would want to be picked up. People are dumb- plain and simple. Ignorance is all over this country. (Sorry for the rant- you struct a nerve with this post!!)

    1. Trisha – I agree. We could definitely provide a loving, stable home. Sorry to hear about your problems with getting your MinPin accepted by apartments, that just seems beyond crazy. At least with our dog, she actually is part pit bull and we knew that prejudice going into adopting her. Luckily we own our home now and will have no problems with trying to find rentals again. We lived with our parents longer than needed because of pet restrictions in apartments and rental homes that we couldn’t meet. Thanks for your support & comment!

  4. These rules against certain breeds are just wrong…and really dumb. The way they choose which breeds are harmful is quite ridiculous. They exclude plenty of dogs that could easily be harmful, because someone has decided three breeds have a reputation.

    It also saddens me that people outrank animals always. We have created domesticated animals and then given them a lesser place in our esteem and have created the homeless pet problem. I think all of us have a responsibility to take care of the animals that our races have created.

  5. That is utter bull poopy!! Surely a home visit to actually get to know you, your pets and your home would be more sensible. That is such a load of crap as I’ve ever heard. I understand they have to be careful but to just completely dismiss you without getting to know you or your family is just silly. I’m so sorry for you, and I hope you find away of full filling your dream another way x

  6. I stumbled upon your blog and it is so cute! I am a huge dog lover of ALL dogs and the stereotypes for certain ones break my heart. People need to realize that each individual dog is different and unique and needs to be judged on their own actions. I’m sorry you aren’t able to foster, but I would have reacted the same way. Take care! I am now following. :)

  7. I am the biggest dog lover ever and it is so upsetting to me when people judge a breed like that. I am pretty sure that my min pin is more vicious than any Pit I’ve ever met. It is ridiculous that so many unfit parents are allowed to raise children but a loving couple gets turned away over something like that. I am so sorry.

  8. Oh I’m so sorry, it’s terrible and I can’t imagine what you must feel..
    However your blog is wonderful and I’m now following you, hope you can visit mine and do the same if you like it !



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