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Fitness Friday: The Beginning

I am so proud of myself for working out every day this week! Also for working out for a good amount of time. I have basically been at the gym about an hour each day.

Monday: 45 minutes on elliptical

I was exhausted, having not worked out in quite a while, but I pushed through. I was sweating within 5 minutes, gross. But in a way I love it because I know I’m getting in an amazing work out. I was going to try some of the weight machines at the new gym, but there were a good amount of people and for some reason I always am shy to try that kind of stuff like I’ll do it wrong and someone will think I’m dumb. That’s dumb

Tuesday: 30 minutes on elliptical, thigh & upper arm work outs, 27 minutes on treadmill

Got to the gym a little late today, but ended up working out for just over an hour! I added songs to my Spotify “Work Out” playlist which really helped the time on the elliptical fly by. I finally got the courage to try a few of the machines. I still feel silly using them, but at least I did it! I kept the weights really light because I haven’t worked out in so long and even though I’m not sore this morning, I don’t want to accidentally overdo it. I originally got on the treadmill for a 10 minute cool down before I left, but ended up watching CSI since there are little TV screens on them. I love it!

Wednesday: 40 minutes on eliptical, arm work outs, 10 minutes on treadmill

My workout was great. I used the interval function on the elliptical which changed the resistance and it killed me towards the end. Then I did some bicep exercises and cooled down with 10 minutes on the treadmill. I’m not really sore, but my legs are a little shaky going up and down the stairs so I’m either going to skip tomorrow or keep it light. I’m so excited about how dedicated I am, but I don’t want to overwork my body by starting off too hard.

Thursday: 20 minutes on elliptical, arm work outs, 18 minutes on treadmill

I didn’t work out all that hard today. Since last night I could tell that my body was overall just tired, but I went anyway because I don’t want to break my streak. A few minutes into the elliptical workout I could tell my legs were just fatigued so I kept it short so I don’t overdo it. I’m hoping that I can get a good hour in tomorrow.

Friday: 30 minutes on elliptical, arm and leg work outs, 10 minutes on elliptical, 10 minutes on treadmill

I almost didn’t go today because I have this terrible stiff neck. However, I went and got in a great workout! My legs still feel really tired. It’s a weird feeling. Not so much sore as just tired. I’m sure tomorrow will be my day off this week. I watched Lost most of the workout through Netflix on my phone. I work out so much longer if I can keep myself from getting bored.

All in all this was an amazing first week of working out! I feel great and I am really starting to get into a routine. I haven’t had the trouble getting the motivation to go the gym like I have in the past. I mean, I am just at the beginning of this right now, but we’ll see where it goes. I’m striving for 6 days a week and in a way, I think that gets me to the gym more easily than when I told myself I would go 3 days a week. When I used to say that I would go a couple of times a week, I would always push it off. But knowing in my mind and having it set on 6 days a week, I basically already know I’ll be there pretty much daily. It’s helped me get into a routine

I’m definitely going to update with my fitness progress every Friday. I haven’t been eating quite as well as usual, too many sweets this week. I’m still getting used to being more hungry from working out. I swear I could come home and eat everything in the house after a good work out and I’m working on controlling that. So I haven’t lost or gained a pound after spending 6 hours at the gym this week. I’m fine with that because I know that my diet over the past few days is to blame. To me, this is more than just about losing weight. I do want to drop 15-20 pounds, maybe a little more, but my main goal is health.

Things I learned this week:

  1. Planning to go to the gym daily puts into my brain that I will be at the gym more often than not, so I don’t make excuses to go “tomorrow”
  2. Today (Friday) I tried eating a few almonds about 20 minutes before my workout and my belly wasn’t grumbling like it normally does half an hour into my workout. I also didn’t come home and practically sprint to the kitchen to get food.
  3. I will not be cutting my bangs again because they are just too difficult to deal with when I pin them back during work outs and then try to take them down after. It isn’t pretty and it takes too much work to make them look nice so they end up pinned back all the time now.
  4. Watching Lost is good motivation. I want Evangeline Lilly’s arms, please.

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One comment on “Fitness Friday: The Beginning

  1. Congrats! Getting back into a workout routine is always hard. I just ran a 5K on Saturday. My time wasn’t as low as I had liked, but I still made it! Next week, I’m starting a new gym regimen.

    If you ever need someone to talk to/keep you motivated, let me know! :)

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