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Happy Monday + Weekend Recap

I know the natural/popular thing to do is hate Monday’s, but I love them! Maybe because I don’t have to get up and go to a job I hate, but I just feel like it’s a fresh start every Monday and am always so motivated at the beginning of my week.This weekend was a busy roller coaster of a weekend. We had our first yard sale! I didn’t think we’d clear more than a couple hundred because this town is much smaller, but we did better than we thought we would. AND (I’m happy and sad about this) we put out my painted filing cabinet just to see what would happen and I sold it. Made a $50 profit! The girl was in love with it so I’m happy it went to a good home and now I’m on the look out for another.

I managed to get a little sunburn during the yard sale which confused me because I hardly ever burn. But silly me, it totally slipped my mind that where we live now is at about 4000 feet so naturally I’ll burn faster. We spent the rest of Saturday cleaning up the yard sale, Blaine put some of the new fence boards up and we just kind of ate and hung out. I must have fallen asleep on the couch with my head on Blaine’s lap at like 8pm.

Sunday started off early with us going out and getting some Subway breakfast and donuts. We did a lot of driving around for fun. I love quiet days with Blaine, just driving and exploring. It’s seriously my favorite. We also discovered that if we just followed the roads up into the mountains about 5 miles from our house, we were suddenly in the forest. With camp sites! We’re so going camping up there soon! Who’s coming?

We had lunch for the first time at the local bakery. They have a “saladwich” and it’s seriously delicious and I’m kind of in love with it. I’m glad we decided to go there instead of going to Quizno’s. I love Quizno’s, but I love supporting local businesses more. I’m planning on grabbing some bread from them soon so I can make it at home.

We had a terrible mishap where one of our dogs (Einstein, our problem dog lately) jumped a fence and got to the chicken coop. I saw him running around barking at the chickens from outside the coop, but by the time I put my shoes on and ran out there he had gotten in. I got there just in time. One chicken is injured, no wounds or anything terrible looking, but she couldn’t walk yesterday. This morning, though, she’s making some progress so I’m happy about that. I must have had 50 pets over the course of my life, but for some reason we have bad luck with chickens.

Now it’s Monday morning, I think I got up at 6:15 or so. I’m about to head downstairs to make Blaine and I a quick breakfast. I joined the gym last week right before they opened their newer bigger gym so I’m excited to go check it out this morning. I’ve been feeling really crappy and like I’ve been gaining weight lately, just overall not so wonderful. So I’m excited to get back on track with eating healthier (which I do pretty well already) and getting a ton of exercise in. My plan is to go several times a week and just leave at the same time Blaine leaves for work.

Some photos from our weekend… Happy Monday!

Photo Apr 22, 10 31 50 AM
New fence is slowly, but surely going up!
Photo Apr 22, 11 54 06 AM
Our latest rescue, just one more week until I can start introducing her to the boys.
Photo Apr 22, 8 01 10 AM
Lazy Sunday morning in bed.
Photo Apr 22, 1 29 40 PM
Tree outside our bedroom window is about to start blossoming!
Photo Apr 21, 6 13 27 PM
Blaine who was “so tired form the yard sale” getting started on the fence anyway.
Photo Apr 21, 6 08 41 PM
Weird bush in our front yard that I kind of love. Anyone know what it is? We have 2!
Photo Apr 21, 11 06 39 AM
View of our yard sale

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