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Life in Photos

Photo Apr 01, 9 06 02 PM
Our newest addition. I stole this picture from the craigslist ad we got her from. She’s sweet and chubby.
Photo Apr 02, 11 49 16 AM
This is the face I get when I tell her its time to come inside.
Photo Apr 04, 6 01 08 PM
Mother/Daughter purses. I inherit her purses when she’s done with them.
Photo Apr 06, 12 32 33 PM
No official names. Temporary names from left to right: Lady Gaga, Shuffleufagus, Cher
Photo Apr 07, 1 51 48 PM
Einstein likes to eat chicken.
Photo Apr 07, 1 54 42 PM
Roxy too.
Photo Apr 07, 11 06 31 AM
Yard is getting pretty & green Chicken coop will be in the corner soon. That’s not our Christmas tree to the left, I swear.
Photo Mar 28, 6 04 28 PM
From an apple farm we stopped at last weekend
Photo Mar 28, 6 04 41 PM
Isn’t it pretty? I want my own apple farm.
Photo Mar 29, 11 03 12 PM
They’re getting huge!
Photo Mar 31, 10 25 52 AM
Somehow we ended up with 70’s airplane seats for Blaine to have as garage seating. Silly.

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