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Photo Apr 19, 2 52 48 PMI don’t thrift as much as I used to. I went crazy with it for a couple of years and I miss those days! Unfortunately there are only a couple of thrift stores in town and the stock doesn’t change all that often so I go maybe once a month or when we leave town. This week I came across some great finds!

The owl is my favorite. I think I might paint him, though I feel a little guilty because I think he looks great the way he is. I just have too much dark brown in my house and want to brighten things up. The jewelry box is definitely getting painted and I’ll either keep it or put it on etsy. How about that 6 piece Fish serving set? So cool! That’ll be listed on Etsy eventually. However, if you’re interested in it, email me 🙂

Photo Apr 19, 2 52 57 PM

Photo Apr 19, 2 53 13 PM

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2 Comments on “Recent Thrift Finds

  1. Don’t paint the owl. It would ruin it…not in the sense that the color is important, but in that it would lose it’s original purpose and lose all of its history.

    1. I know. I’d feel bad painting him. But it’s either paint and keep, or sell in it’s original state. I’d love to keep him the way he is, but seriously between our dark brown floors and all of our dark brown furniture, it’s getting to be a little much! Decisions, decisions.

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