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Spring Cleaning Mode!

I’m in crazy spring cleaning mode. I want everything we don’t absolutely NEED out of the house. I spent yesterday and today (so far) getting stuff ready for a yard sale this weekend. I’m getting rid of a lot of fabric to make room for Kintage inventory and just simplify life, so I hope there are some crafty people coming out for the sale. If you’re interested, I have some photos on craigslist. Shipping would probably be expensive unless you bought several pieces and I shipped Priority Flat Rate. Contact me before Saturday if you are interested! 🙂

I’m excited for our first yard sale in our new town, but also a little nervous because it SO much smaller than our hometown. I hope it still goes well even though the population here is a million times smaller! It’ll be SO nice to have a lot of stuff out of our way. I’m really, really trying to simplify our home and get it decorated. I find it’s so much easier to keep things tidy when you don’t have a lot of stuff that you can leave around and also there’s not much to clean around.

Has the spring cleaning bug hit you too??

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